• Research Affairs

    Research Affairs is the central University office with oversight of research management, regulatory compliance, research assurances, and promotion of high quality research. The DRA is responsible for streamlining administrative processes, approval of all grant proposals and contracts relating to sponsored research, instruction, and service agreements.

  • Graduate Affairs

    Graduate Affairs provides leadership and support to scholars engaged in over 100 master’s, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs at San Diego State. In collaboration with faculty, staff and students across the sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, arts, education and business, our team strives to ensure the integrity and high quality of graduate degrees, and facilitate their timely completion.

  • Research Advancement

    The Research Advancement supports and furthers the academic mission of SDSU by assisting SDSU faculty and Deans in devising strategies to advance and expand SDSU’s research endeavors, develop cooperative multidisciplinary, multi-institutional partnership programs, and provide program management for a diverse portfolio of sponsored programs.

  • Technology Transfer Office

    The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at San Diego State University protects and commercializes the intellectual property (IP) developed by the faculty, staff, and students of SDSU’s campus. The TTO accomplishes this by seeking patent protection for inventions, strategizing commercialization efforts, marketing the IP produced at SDSU, and licensing the IP to deliver it to the public.

  • Grant and Research Enterprise Writing Institute

    The Grants and Research Enterprise Writing Fellowship assists in the self-assessment components of preparing for a research career, as well as more concrete, practical exercises and cohort building that can help identify and build relationships with potential mentors and collaborators.

  • Zahn Innovation Platform

    The Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad (ZIP Launchpad) is an incubator and entrepreneurial community that supports San Diego State University (SDSU) innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to launch viable startups. The ZIP Launchpad’s top priority is to help SDSU students, faculty, and staff from any major or department on campus launch startups and to do so in a way that brings valuable and rewarding experiences to those who participate in the process.

Senior Administration

Stephen C. Welter

Dr. Stephen C. Welter

Vice President of Research and Dean of Graduate Affairs

  • Ed Balsdon

    Dr. Ed Balsdon

    Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs

  • Andrew Bohonak

    Dr. Andrew Bohonak

    Assistant Dean of Graduate Affairs

  • Stanley Maloy

    Dr. Stanley Maloy

    Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation

  • Timothy Hushen

    Timothy Hushen

    Associate Executive Director
    Research Advancement

  • Matt Brown

    Matt Brown

    Information Technology

  • Dr. Lisa Kath

    Dr. Lisa Kath

    Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

  • Tommy Martindale

    Tommy Martindale

    Technology Transfer Office

  • Kevin Popovic

    Kevin Popovic

    Zip Idea Lab

  • Rick Gulizia

    Rick Gulizia

    Research Affairs

  • Cathy Pucher

    Cathy Pucher

    Executive Director
    Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad