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Doctoral Programs - Procedural Steps

SDSU has 21 doctoral programs with 5 cooperating institutions. In addition to those, we have 4 professional doctorates, 3 of which are independent. The procedures listed here are SDSU's basic requirements; students must also contact the cooperating institution for their requirements.

If the co-sponsoring institution has time limits to the degree, students must meet those time limits. Doctoral students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Some programs may have additional GPA requirements.

Qualifying Examinations, Advancement to Candidacy, and the Dissertation.
The procedural details of each doctoral program vary somewhat within the different programs, the general requirements are:

  1. The student is examined by a committee representing the faculty of the cooperating institutions for knowledge of the field of study. For all programs offered with UCSD, UCSB, UC Riverside and Computational Science with Claremont Graduate University (CGU), a JDP 2 form is required. This form is used to nominate your committee. You must have at least two members from each university who are eligible to serve on a doctoral committee. This form must list the names of the committee members and be signed by both graduate advisers/directors and by the Graduate Deans at both universities. (The JDP forms are not used by the Education program with CGU; the Ecology program with UC Davis has their own forms).
  2. After passing the qualifying exam, the student applies to the Graduate Dean at the cooperating university for advancement to candidacy. The JDP3 form is used for Advancement to Candidacy. It is signed by all committee members, both graduate advisers/directors, the Graduate Deans at both universities, and there is a fee required at the cooperating institution.
  3. If you make any changes to your committee, you need to fill out a JDP4 form and have it signed by the appropriate people.

Submitting Your Dissertation
A dissertation on a subject chosen by the candidate and approved by a committee appointed by the Graduate Deans of the cooperating institutions is required of every candidate except those in the professional doctorate program in Audiology and the independent program in Physical Therapy. In addition to meeting the requirements of the cooperating campus for filing the dissertation, Ph.D. students are required to provide an electronic copy of the dissertation for deposit in the SDSU library. Students in the independent Ed.D program will submit their dissertation to the thesis and dissertation review service at SDSU by the deadline.

  1. SDSU requires that students be enrolled in 899 (Dissertation) in the term in which the dissertation is submitted. For all programsthe dissertation is submitted for review to the joint campus (UCSD, UCSB, UC Riverside Davis, CGU). The deadline to submit the dissertation in order to graduate is established by the joint campus.
  2. Students in the independent Ed.D program in Educational Leadership need to submit the following paper work to the Graduate Division prior to submitting their dissertation for review: the original, signed Ed.D 5 form, Report of Filing of the Dissertation; an Xerox copy of the title page and signature page; an extra signature page for Montezuma Publish. We will fill out a Clearance Sheet verifying the student is registered in 899. Students will take the Clearance Sheet, the extra signature page, the original Ed.D 5 form and their dissertation, on a flash drive or electronically, to Montezuma Publishing a pay to have their dissertation reviewed and processed to the library.
  3. After a student has submitted their dissertation to the cooperating institution, they need to submit the following paper work to the Graduate Division: the JDP5 form (UCSD, UCSB, UC Riverside and Computation Science at CGU), a letter of receipt from UC Davis, a confirmation email from CGU for Education; copy of the title page and signature page, an extra signature page for Montezuma Publishing; a copy of the Survey of Earned Doctorate or the Certificate of Completion. We will fill out a Clearance Sheet and verify that the student is registered in 899. Students will then take their dissertation, on a flash drive or electronically, with the Clearance Sheet and extra signature page to Montezuma Publishing and pay to have it bound. CGU no longer requires a signature page, so Computational Science and Education students will need to bring a typed list of their chair and committee members, including the institution they are affiliated with.
  4. A few things to remember, the title page must include the name of both cooperating institutions. Students must be registered in 899 the term they submit their dissertation includes summer. Students must apply for graduation the term they wish to graduate, this is not automatic. Also, if a student fails to graduate that term, they must reapply for any future term, applications do not roll over. Dissertations are submitted for review to the cooperating institution and must meet the deadline there. Deadline dates of the cooperating institutions vary so students should consult the academic calendar for the last date to submit the dissertation to be eligible to graduate.

Students should contact Rita Baumann in the Graduate Division with any questions they may have, and prior to their final appointment with the cooperating institution.

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