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Graduate Forms

The following is a list of forms (and related procedures) that students may need to use as they progress through a graduate or certificate program.

Microsoft word forms available for your convenience to be filled out online prior to printing.

  1. Advancement to Candidacy
  2. Request to Change Degree/Major Objective Between Departments
  3. Application for Graduation with an Advanced Degree, is now available through your Web Portal:
  4. Change of Status
  5. Enrolling in Thesis
  6. Final - Comprehensive Departmental Examination or Defense of Thesis
  7. Foreign Language Requirement
  8. Graduate Petition for Retroactive Course Changes
  9. Reissued Graduate Diploma Order Form
  10. Notification of Completion of Advanced Certificate Program
  11. Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements
  12. Petition for Exception to TA/GA Contract Requirements
  13. Repeat WU Graded Courses
  14. Request for Letter of Completion
  15. Request for Permission to Enroll for Concurrent Master's Degree Credit
  16. Request for Permission to Enter Advanced Certificate Program
  17. Request to Change Concentration/Specialization
  18. Thesis Committee Form
  19. Undergraduate Request Form To Enroll in Graduate Level Courses (Courses 600-700)
  20. Validation for Recency
  21. Master's Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies
  22. Agreement for ADJUNCT faculty to serve as thesis/project chair or committee member
  23. Agreement for EMERITI faculty to serve as thesis/project chair or committee member
  24. Agreement for FERP faculty to serve as thesis/project chair or committee member
  25. Agreement for LECTURERS to serve as a member of a thesis committee and statement of understanding

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